Thursday, 30 August 2012

Hair growth challenge/pre natal vitimans and no heat

So I’ve decided after a lot of research to try the no heat challenge for a month (I’m on week 3 atm and I don’t hate it!) and try to grow my hair out those two little inches I’ve been longing for since I can remember! I’ve heard pre-natal vitamins work and then silica complex and cod liver oil.

I went a little mad and have dedicated this next month to hair….I bought argan oil, leave-in conditioner, conditioning treatments and the prenatal vitamins. I’m also trying to eat more healthily and drink more water because I’ve heard that helps too.

So we’ll see, it’s a little experiment because I couldn’t find any real experiments where people tried it and could say for sure that it didn’t work. And at the end of the day its just vitamins and eating healthy so its good for me either way.

Ill let you know how I get on. I took before pics but I was already a week in when I took them so it might not be exactly as I started but near enough.

Fingers crossed it works!!

If anyone has tried this and had good or bad results I’d love to hear because I’m pretty desperate to get these two inches and not go back to wearing clip in extensions everyday!

ps. Poppy got a haircut!

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