Monday, 29 April 2013

Roaccutane Diary Day 7

 Day 7
 Weirdly I’ve noticed that my skin if anything is oilier than before, I would have had combination skin with definitely some dry patches sometimes and an oilier t-zone but now I find that my makeup although it does stay on ok throughout the day if I touch my face at all it wipes off as if its sitting on top of a layer of oil on my skin….it’s very strange seeing as all the logs and internet googling I read said that your skin should get beyond dry and even eczema develops in some cases
 Maybe it’s because I’m moisturising a lot more than usual from day one to try and prevent the extreme dryness.
In saying that the areas where the spots were before are definitely dry but to me that’s expected as they need to dry out to disappear form my face
 My hands are a little dryer than usual and my lips are a little drier but I’m applying balm and hand moisturiser like a mad woman so it really isn’t turning into an issue…..YET! Perhaps I’m speaking too soon and it’s all to come but fingers crossed my spots only heal more and my skin texture stays the same for the whole six months
 Another point to add is that my skin texture is lovely to touch….way smoother than it’s ever been before
 The spots that were there have died down and remain only as scars in those places, and the blackheads on my nose have definitely improved….if it keeps up like this I’m absolutely amazed at roaccutane and only angry I didn’t take it before.

Hopefully now I haven’t jinxed myself!!

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