Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My Weekend

I had Friday and Monday off work so I tried to make the most of it by visiting friends and relatives who live in different counties than me. So I was in Belfast on Friday night and went out with a few of my friends there.

I wore a vest-top and black blazer from H&M and some little black hot pants with leather sides from Miss Selfridge….with TWO pairs of tights obviously!

I seem to get a lot of Flashback on my face in flash photography and I can’t for the life of me figure it out, I make sure to wear foundation and powders with the lowest SPF I can find as I had heard that caused flashback but still my face looks quite white compared to my friends who have the same skin tone and use foundations with a higher SPF….must just be my face!

Although I do use Nars Laguna bronzer at the minute which has some specks of gold glitter in it so I might try a different bronzer next time and see if it works.

On Saturday I was my cousins guinea pig for her Beautician course and had to get waxed to within an inch of my life but in fairness to her she was very good and I didn’t end up in quite as much pain or mess as the poor girl beside me who was also helping her friend out and being her “model” for the day…a choice I’d say she regrets now!

Then we rented some DVD’s, ‘The Change Up’ and ‘Horrible bosses’ which were alright, ‘The Change Up’ was definitely the better one, and had an early night.

Left Poppy with my uncle while I was down at the beautician school with my cousin and when I came back he had cut her hair where the bow usually goes, saying he didn’t like it! So poor little Pop had a bit of a traumatic day….not that she really noticed but I have to say I shed a tear….took me months to get it to tie up in the bow to begin with and now we’re back at square one…..One things for sure my uncle will not be babysitting her again!

Her new 'Mullet' hair-do!

Had a nice few days off but didn’t feel too refreshed coming back to work today! Need some pampering and a relaxing weekend asap me thinks!

Oh I ordered a playsuit from Motel which I saw LLYMLRS wearing in her blog, haven’t tried it on yet but I LOVES it so far!

Also ordered this top from American Apparel but it wasn’t in stock in the warehouse apparently and is going to take 2-3weeks to be delivered…..bit sad about that because I can’t wait to wear it but guess I’ll just have to!

Think that’s all for today,




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