Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Roaccutane Diary Day 11

Experiencing more of the dry lips (I say lips but really it’s only my bottom lip that’s dry)

A good few more spots have popped up in the areas I would usually have had them anyway, a couple have been painful enough ones though. Seems like they disappear pretty quickly, but then I’ve only have them a few days, seems like they go from sore to dry pretty quick, I’ll see how fast they disappear.

Around my mouth there are small dry patches with little spots, not real spots but little lumps I suppose that look like spots, not sure what’s causing them and they don’t seem to be doing much so we’ll see.
 Scarring I had from before starting has disappeared quite a bit so that’s good news.

I'm thinking this must be the initial breakout I've heard about and hopefully it should die down in a few weeks or so.

Also, severely lacking motivation especially in the evenings but to be honest I was a bit on the lazy side for a few weeks before I started so I probably just need a kick start and I’ll be fine.

Oh and on Monday of this week I woke up feeling very faint and it stayed throughout the day, not sure if this is related to the medicine but good to note and see if it happens again.

I wouldn’t be going out at the minute because my skin hasn’t cleared up at all so hoping it works ASAP!
The dry skin that everyone mentions I haven’t really seen (maybe a bit on my hands) but then again I was very prepared for it so am moisturising a lot everywhere and now carrying a lip balm and hand moisturiser with me everywhere

I am really TRYING to drink more water too but I don’t really like water so I forget a lot!
I actually missed a tablet on Saturday as I stayed at my sister’s house unexpectedly and didn’t bring them with me, I read up on it and it said to just take the next one as you normally would so that's what I did.
I had read missing a tablet can cause the initial breakout to come on so maybe that’s what happened to me I can’t be sure.
Also, just reading through my other posts, my skin isn’t sore to touch anymore which is nice.
Other than that it’s basically the same thing still.




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