Friday, 30 August 2013

Roaccutane Diary Day 20

Dry lips.

Those two words describe my life at the moment….I’m flat out putting on lip balm, googling lip products for dry lips and other treatments people have found to work on dry lips when you’re on Roaccutane. Switched from Carmex to Burts Bees and they seem to have gotten worse.

I’ve read about Aquaphor so I’m going to try that next hopefully.
Other than that, little dry patch under my nose but nothing too bad.

On the actual spot side of things, they are clearing up pretty fast, a few bumps left on my forehead where there were spots before which are very visible under makeup but not without so hopefully they’ll start to disappear soon too.

The rest of my face is looking progressively better so if it continues like this, I can put up with the dry lips!

Also trying to take the tablets at the same time every day now as I wasn’t before and I read it might make a little difference and is the best way to take them.


That's all to report for today on that!




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